IT Products


IT Products

A Group of companies "Russian Energy" has an extensive experience in developing and implementing software products in the energy sector.

Russian Energy” specialists have a deep understanding of the market and needs of our customers. Our software products are constantly developing and professionally implemented. This allows “Russian energy” to position itself as a highly skilled developer and not just an integrator.

Russian Energy” team is working closely with customers and holds consultations with industry leading experts. Such feedback helps us to react promptly on our customer need in the shortest possible time.

Our team of developers has been working for many years on automatization, collection and processing of information on the energy market. Primary data has been put into automated systems. These automated systems are constantly working collecting data on energy market.

There are several directions in which those automated systems are developed:

This is the foundation of success in implementing joint projects with “Russian Energy”.

At the present time the company is paying a lot of attention to SMARTREGION project. Creation of SMARTREGION project by “Russian Energy” will bring a complex of tools to solve a wide range of tasks in monitoring and increasing of energy efficiency in Russian regions.

IT projects of "Russian Energy" Group of companies, that are not related to energy industry, are implemented within a separate company "New Vision Soft".