Company summary


Company summary

   "Russian Energy" Ltd heads a group of companies that provides a wide range of services related to energy sector such as:

  • construction of energy infrastructure objects (generating and electricity (heat) network objects); ;
  • engineering, installation and adjustment of commercial (technical) accounting systems for industrial and domestic purposes – SMARTREGION program for municipalities and Russian regions;
  • ñonducting energy (environmental) examinations of regional infrastructure facilities in order to create investment programs providing increase of energy (environmental) efficiency (safety) of Russian regions.

Largest customers of "Russian Energy" since 2006 are: OJSC "Mosenergosbyt" (electricity supplier), OJSC "Tatneft", OJSC "Kazanorgsintez", OJSC "Nizhnekamsneftekhim", OJSC "Nizhnekamskshina", OJSC "TAIF-NK".

The objectives of “Russian Energy” group of companies:

  • Formation, promotion and implementation of the Strategic Infrastructure Initiatives (hereinafter — SII).
  • SII — the ideology of growth and system development!

  • Promotion of complex economy modernization and development of Public Private Partnership (hereinafter — PPP) within the frame of Regional Investment Infrastructure Project (hereinafter - RIIP) implementation;.
  • “7 Projects of Regional Infrastructure modernization” – effective way of Russian regions development!

  • Creation of a consortium of foreign and domestic companies that are ready to effectively meet the challenges of modernization of regional infrastructure within the frame of RIIP (“7 Projects”) initiated by the group of companies "Russian Energy".
  • Creation of investment products within the frame of RIIP, which meet the requirements of specialized participants of long-term borrowings market as well as attracting non-budget investments for development of regional energy and communal infrastructure on domestic and international markets.

Company’s mission

      Our mission is to be a market leader in the implementation of inter-regional projects in the sphere of global energy development, renovation of regional infrastructure facilities, creation on the basis RIIP high-demand (highly liquid) long-term investment products, that meet requirements of specialized participants of long-term borrowings market and represent an alternative to existing.

      We strive to build a new balanced way of market development, which determines a dominance of private long-term investments into infrastructure projects of regional development. We tend to create conditions to reduce state participation on the energy market of long-term borrowing and provide more diversified instruments for investing into regional infrastructure.

      Investments in infrastructure projects for the good of humanity!