“Russian Energy” non-profit partnership


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“Russian Energy” non-profit partnership

05.10.2011 Ministry of Justice of Russian Federation accepted the decision to establish non-profit partnership "Promoting complex economic modernization and development of the institution of public-private partnership within the frame of regional investment infrastructure projects "Russian Energy”.
Its activity is connected with the organization of infrastructure projects market, formation of professional consortiums, investor “pools”, investment partnership groups in accordance with Federal Law ¹ 335 "On investment partnership", dated November 28, 2011 and Federal Law “On economic partnerships" dated December 3, 2011, which are ready to perform tasks of ensuring human activity and development of Russian regions within the frame of RIIP in the format of public-private partnerships and other mechanisms provided by the Federal law.

The objectives of the Partnership

- Êsupport the members of the Partnership in the implementation of activities aimed at complex modernization of the economy and development of public-private partnership within the frame of regional investment infrastructure projects;

Subject of the Partnership

- Coordination of manufacturers and consumers of energy equipment in the field of complex renovation (modernization) of energy industry and other energy intensive industries of the economy;

- Promotion of energy saving and energy efficiency;

- Facilitating the development and implementation of energy saving technologies;

- Extensive interaction with other non-profit organizations of the Russian Federation and non-governmental organizations of foreign countries whose objectives are consistent with the goals of the Partnership;

- Establish business contacts and cooperate in the field of new environmentally friendly technologies, science, technology, education, economics, finance, business, law, and social security with all legal entities and individuals, including foreign.